Meet Celestina

I'm first and foremost a mother and wife. I have an amazing ANG husband who is my biggest supporter and fan, and my four darling children. We have three boys and our newest addition is a little lady (finally!!). 

One thing you really need to know about me is that I absolutely do love what I do, and I HAVE FUN with it.  I get excited, I squeal, and I jump up and down during sessions!   My job isn't just my job, it's my passion. I can't imagine myself doing anything else in this world other than taking beautiful photographs of amazing young women like you! 

Get to know me a little more:

•  I practically live inside of Starbucks. Coffee is a necessary part of my life, and I am not ashamed.  

•  My heart and soul are poured into my Sony camera, it's my life line, my passion.  

•  Those that know me have described me as cheerful and positive, a little weird and definitely all around hot mess most of the time.  

•  I love tamales, chocolate, bruschetta and anything coffee flavored.  

•  You can say I'm a Whovian, a Wayward Son, Potterhead, and definitely exhibit other nerdy interests.  •

•  So, there you have it...Celestina in a nutshell. Which is perfect...because I'm definitely a nut.  

•  I'm here to not only create a one of a kind, incredible portrait experience with you, but I want you to also just have fun with me.  

Let's do this! 

A Few of my Favorite Things