The details

Your senior year is a milestone not to be forgotten. Let's celebrate this amazing time in your life by preserving these memories. Let's make time stand still. Don't settle for the cheesy studio your school sends you to for your yearbook photo. It's so much more than that! Let's create a session that is all about YOU!

Through my art I hope to empower and positively influence high school Seniors. I am not just booking clients, but rather seeking opportunities and relationships. Through a relaxed photo session, I want my clients to come alive for the camera and allow me to capture their personalities and spirit. My hope is that when they see the resulting images, it will stir up a confidence in themselves; seeing themselves as beautiful and of value- maybe more than they ever realized. If I can help students begin to discover themselves and embrace their self-worth and idividuality, then I know I have succeeded. 

You can find complete details about the ultimate senior portrait experience with Cellardoor Seniors here:

Cellardoor Seniors Portrait Experience Guide